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Subject: Re: [Leica] Thoughts about cameras and the new aviation rules
From: lea <>
Date: Mon, 17 Sep 2001 20:36:48 -0500
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Welcome home, Tina.

Your tale of the applause in the plane warmed my heart. Thanks for sharing it.

Tina Manley wrote:

> At 07:28 PM 9/15/01 -0700, you wrote:
> >I'm flying on Thursday and desire to take my cameras to my daughter's
> >college parent's day. I assume everything will be hand-checked. I assume the
> >x-ray machines will be set "up" so I'm taking 100 ASA film and a flash.
> >
> >But if anyone has braved the new security and has suggestions for doing
> >things right and easier I'd love to hear suggestions.
> >
> >Adam Bridge
> Adam -
> I just got back yesterday on the first flight to leave Guatemala since the
> 11th.  I had no problem passing my film around the x-ray machines in
> Guatemala City or Houston.  I had it in zip-lock bags and got to the
> airport 3 hours early.  Security was very heavy at both airports.  My
> carry-ons went through a total of 4 x-ray machines and two chemical
> checks.  All baggage was hand-examined before checking in at the Guatemala
> airport.  When I got to the x-ray machines there,  they questioned my
> camera batteries.  I had several spares in my camera bag plus the ones in
> my cameras.  At first they were going to just take them, but when I
> explained how much the batteries cost, they had a Continental employee come
> to the security site and take the batteries to be checked.  I claimed them
> in Houston and put them in my checked baggage.  My digital camera and a
> Quantum battery attached to it were in my waist pack and were never
> questioned.  Neither was the digital album in my carry-on.  My flight from
> Guatemala was full because they were carrying everyone who had been
> scheduled to fly since the 11th.  When we landed in Houston, the pilot
> said, "Welcome to the United States of America!"  Everybody on board
> applauded.  Customs and baggage claim in Houston were empty and the flight
> from Houston to Charlotte was only half full.
> I had spent the night with a family in the Cuchumatanes mountains and
> didn't know anything about what had happened until the afternoon of the
> 11th when I heard the news in Spanish on the bus radio.  Everywhere we went
> in Guatemala people expressed concern for the USA said they were praying
> for us.  The news reports in Spanish were horrifying and graphic, but we
> were only able to see one hour of a CBS report on TV several days
> later.  My husband saved all of the newspapers for me, but I haven't wanted
> to look at them yet.
> As for airport security right now, I would advise doing the same as
> always.  Carry your film in a zip-lock bag but, if you are traveling
> internationally, carry lead-lined bags also.  Put all of your camera
> batteries in your checked luggage.  I think digital will be even more the
> way to go in the future.
> Tina
> Tina Manley, ASMP
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