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Subject: Re: [Leica] wide and tele lenses for M6 - which one???
From: "B. D. Colen" <>
Date: Mon, 17 Sep 2001 04:31:04 -0400 (EDT)

1. There is, at this time, only one 24 is
supposed to be spectacular.
2. The 35 1.4 ASPH is probably the best fast 35 ANYONE
makes and is one of the best lenses Leica makes. If
you need speed without flare, there is no choice. Do
NOT dismiss it out of hand as not being wide enough.
3. The 28 2.8 is a very highly thought of lens. The
new 28 2 is absolutely spectacular, and there are
those who say it is now Leica's single best M lens. An
amazing piece of equipment...well, mine would be were
it not oozing some sort of oil around the front
element, and when I get back to the US it will be
heading back to Leica..:-(
4. As to 90s - Do you want/need speed, compactness,
what? The new 90 f 2 apo asph is astounding...but then
I was always pleased with the results with the
previous 90 summicron...and there are those who swear
by various versions of the 90 2.8..

The real question here is what you/your wife, want to
photograph and why, and which of these tools will help
you do it...

B. D.
- --- Andrea Cucina <> wrote:
> Dear LUGs, 
> my wife has an M6 with 50 Noctilux.  She is planning
> to expand the M system
> (we also have R4s and R7), by purchasing a wide
> angle and a tele.  Given
> that she still does not know what length for both
> wide and tele (she is
> also "spoiled" by the extra-fast Noctilux) , I am
> seriously thinking of
> undersanding more on them to know what we will buy.
> By looking and reading around I have seen differet
> characteristics on the
> same focal lengths.  I hope you can help me get into
> it a little more.
> Let's start with a 24mm: do they only make one kind
> of it, the 24mm 2.8
> ASPH? About the 28 mm: I saw the Elmarit 2.8 and the
> Summicron 2.0 ASPH.
> Considering the different price, which one to your
> OPE would be better?  I
> assume the ASPH is supposedly better, or not? The
> same for the 35 mm (that
> I would personally not buy since its length is too
> long for a wide lens).
> Anyway, 35mm 2.0 Summicron ASPH or 1.4 ASPH? The 1.4
> sounds amazing for it
> is so fast, but??? Quality? 
> For the teles, the 90 Elmarit 2.8, Summicron 2.0 or
> Summicron 2.0 APO-ASPH?
>  And also the 135mm 2.8 Elmarit or the slower but
> APO 3.4?
> I apologize all these questions, but I am sure your
> knowledge on them is
> great, and your opinions are welcome, any of them.
> Thank you all very much!!!
> Andrea 
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