Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 2001/09/11

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Subject: Re: [Leica] Rewinding film in M6 outside cassette
From: "Mārtiņš Zelmenis" <>
Date: Tue, 11 Sep 2001 16:19:45 +0300

I'm glay you got the pictures!
There's nothing wrong with crimping film leader! One just has to be sure not
to cut off too much of the exposed roll in the dark!


>Thanks, Ted, and all who also responded. I had an acute need for info on
>keeping the film outside of the cassette, for, prior to my LUG inquiry,  I
>went into my walk-in closet, shut the doors, and started inserting the roll
>of Delta 400 I exposed at "Kiss Me, Kate" onto a plastic Paterson reel.
>Before that, I had attempted to rewind just far enough to keep the roll
>completely entering the cassette but failed and knew I had ruined 3 shots.
>This was confirmed after I pulled the developed roll off the reel
>Horror!  Additionally, I have found that cutting the lead in the dark
>inserting it onto the plastic reels doesn't work at all if I've cut the
>beginning of the roll at an angle. Of course, that wouldn't happen if I
>could determine how to prevent my M6 TTL from pulling it all the way into
>the cassette and could thus cut the beginning prior to going into the dark.
>The shots I succeeded in getting, however, are fabulously sharp and
>contrasty when I view the negatives with my 4x and 10x Schneider loupes!
>Shubert theater stage was very well lit and my M6 and 90 APO set to f/2
>exceptionally accurate metering with Delta 400 b&w film. I'd loved to have
>had my R8 with longer focal lengths, but I don't doubt that, with its
>noisier shutter, somebody near me would have gotten pissed off. What a joy
>getting fabulous shots of "Kiss Me, Kate" though! The costumes,
>choreography, and setups were outstanding. If only I'd had my other M6 with
>me, loaded with color slide film, for the costumes were brilliantly colored
>and detailed!
>BTW, I always crimp film twice before loading it into the M6. This morning
>discovered Freestyle Camera on Sunset Blvd. has a film retriever that works
>in instances like the above. However, it is questionable that it would
>succeed when the film is twice crimped.
>> One thing you might try is, when you load the film make two small crimps
>> the end of the leader as shown   ___/\_/\_ and insert these into the
>> spool so when they come free you really know you've just pulled free of
>> spool.
>> In my M6's I crimp every roll before loading as it helps ensure the
>> catches when you are loading in a hurry.
>> I'm sure there will be any number of suggestions and possibly an
>> how to unload and leave leader out" over the next few days.
>> ted