Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 2001/08/29

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Subject: Re: [Leica] Noctilux for Rabs
From: "Mārtiņš Zelmenis" <>
Date: Thu, 30 Aug 2001 09:32:15 +0300

Thank you for sharing your feelings!


>I was up late last night all keyed up from night shooting wide open with my
>Summicron and Delta 400 walking all over downtown and NW Portland. I was
>out my new light blond Domke strap on my old chrome body. And pretending my
>Summicron was my Noctilux. If i had Neopan 1600 I'd have done a better job
>that illusion. But in a way i was doing surprisingly OK at f2 with 400
speed film.
>I was woken with a start just after 8 am this morning by the dog bell. I
>door bell.
>I ran downstairs yelling above the barking and the chiming. WAIT! HEAR I
>BE RIGHT THERE!. PUttihng on a thin pair of shorts as i descended stairs
>for me is tricky. But it's good to get practice.
>A big package on my front doorstep with the darn UPS truck nowhere to be
>He ran the dog bell and RAN! Must have popped the clutch!
>As the package was not on fire i opened the door to grab it. And Not
>glasses. It looked like software.
>NO WAY was it my Noctilux that's all i know for sure as i just ordered it
>night from Glazers in Seatle and this was light as a feather. And this was
>12 hours later not 2 or 3 days!
>It said AGFA on the box. Must be software.
>I opened up the box with foam peanuts spilling all over my kitchen table
>mingeling with the kitty chow; I bet that killed lots of cats. Maybe it's a
CD i
>thought: "What to do for a week while waiting for your Noctilux to arrive".
>It was a white cube with a red dot on it! Heavier than the box it was
packed in!
>An optical illusion done with gravity!
>It looks and feels perfect on my black TTL with Rapidwinder and RapidGrip
>black thicker Domke strap.
>No a Noctilux is not a monster on an elegant M6!
>But I'd strongly advise people getting one to at least get the grip if not
>winder as I can't imagine the balance without that, but someday soon will
find out.
>Its a gloomy morning perfect for Noctilux i thought and 400 film.
>It's F 1/0000th of a second and be there!
>I've got to stop way down to F2!
>Leica wants to send me 200 bucks back if i get this form in the mail in the
>24 hours!
>Mark Rabiner
>I'm going to have to have two bodies with me. One with Delta 100 in it and
>with Neopan 1600 in it!
>Portland, Oregon