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Subject: Re: [Leica] Getting film into the film gate in M6
From: Mark Rabiner <>
Date: Thu, 09 Aug 2001 19:54:51 -0700
References: <>

"Nguyen, Olivier T [AMSTA-AR-CCF]" wrote:
> mark,
> so prefocus and use of hyperfocal lenght is a key here for quick snap shot.
> but for this kind of focus, the result is only an acceptional of sharpness
> not perfectly sharp
> please correct me.  i try to verify what i am doing and learning here and i
> am not criticize anyone
> thank you
> Olivier
Try it! Results are more than mearly acceptable but exceptional! Acceptional
covers it I'm adding it to my spell check! 
It's how lots of folks take pictures, the body of famous shots you've seen and
admired over the decades were not all taken by focussing at one point and
getting that in focus. Plenty of them were done by getting a range of stuff in
focus. If your needs are higher as your are going to blow your prints up bigger
line up you needs in between the f8's as you shoot at f11! Or more so!

OF course half the people here are into wide upon shooting and more power too
them it's not my thing so much.

It is when it's dark and i dont have a tripod or flash.

Mark Rabiner

Portland, Oregon

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