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Subject: Re: [Leica] Chronological or logical
From: Dave Hillman <>
Date: Wed, 8 Aug 2001 21:30:37 -0700
References: <>


I understand and agree to the need for more degrees of selection than one.  
But aren't those two - date and theme - insufficient?

From back in my photojournalist days I have pictures of Nixon, Kennedy, 
Johnson, ZaSu Pitts,  etc as they came through Lincoln, Nebraska on the 
political campaign trail.  I could file such negaives by sequence or date, by 
location, by subject, by assignment, by camera (today I'd like to be able to 
compare the Nikon S3 images against the Leica images), by roll, by title, by 
country, by company, by etc (make it open ended).

I think what I want is a index number to enable me to find the negative and 
really simple database that enables me to search for that negative. Like a 
web page search;  'leica + singapore + kodachrome + street scene + 1974'. The 
result of the search is a list of images.

Images need an index number in the scheme, but it can be any number sequence 
which can coexist and used to find images. My old negatives are sequential by 
year.  I have modern APS images by roll number, my digital image are 
sequencial for the camera to which I prepend a date, I'm now doing the Leica 
images by roll number.  But it does not make any difference other than the 
need to be unique for this search mechanism.  From a database point of view 
this is very easy - the records are just inverted to key + number. One record 
might be:

"60-458: Pat Nixon, Richard Nixon, Lincoln, Nebraska, 1960, presidential 
campaign, KMTV, Rag, airport"

another might be:

"L8-16: paw 30, July 26, 2001, Monterey, California, Belly Dancer, Leica, 
Gold 100, Sumicron 50, fishermans warf,"

The database would store key word and image number.

Does this make sense?


On Wednesday 08 August 2001 06:03 am, Pablo Kolodny wrote:
> I'd say almost always as a professional photographer I am I have full rolls
> containing a single thematic. That's why I organize that way, Dave.
> Sometimes is easier to find by theme, sometimes by date.
> Pablo

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