Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 2001/08/07

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Subject: [Leica] Re: Thoughts on R8s
From: David Prakel <>
Date: Tue, 07 Aug 2001 22:06:52 +0100

on 7/8/2001 7:56 pm, Adam Bridge at

> I'm seriously looking at purchasing an R8. I've been shooting with my Canon
> D30 but I need film and I am not thrilled with the feature set of the
> Japanese cameras which are almost overwhelming. The R8 looks like the
> feature set I use - a few metering modes and MANUAL that's easy to get to
> with controls that work like my M6.

Hi Adam

I resisted buying an R8 for about 4 years and once I'd bought one I
regretted every minute I'd not had it! It has one of the best meters I've
used in an SLR body and a feature set that is ideal for my ways of working -
double exposure, mirror lock up.

The only thing I don't like is having to power the camera up to find out how
many frames I've shot.

> I was pondering which of the two wide-med angle zoom lenses seem best? And
> is that f2.8 70-180 worth in price of a small car?

Before I bought the R8 I pondered long and hard about a 35-70 zoom. I tried
the German E67 35-70 and found real problems with flare that I think was due
to a sample problem. I bought an f4 35-70 and have been thoroughly
delighted. It is crisp, able to operate at full aperture without
embarrassment and has a macro mode that can be used on occasion - though I'd
never be without my 60mm Macro Elmarit. I have exhibited images from this
lens alongside those shot with primes.
> I'll be shooting almost entirely color with this camera while the M6 seems
> have fallen into B&W mode and is likely to stay there. Heck - so could the
> R8 for that matter.

The exposure compensation feature is ideal for chromes.
> Anyway - if you're an R8 user and would share some thoughts I'd appreciate
> it. I'm a big guy, the heft of the camera with motor drive isn't an issue.

The camera is on the limit for my right hand grasp but if you have bigger
and stringer hand than I (wouldn't be difficult!) then the camera is not
going to be a problem. I have to say the R8 has been a joy to own and to use
and is still going strong on its original batteries.