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Subject: Re: [Leica] Camera for a 10 y.o.
From: Pablo Kolodny <>
Date: Sat, 04 Aug 2001 21:19:06 -0300

on 4/8/01 8:39 PM, Doug Herr at wrote:

> lea wrote:
>> I'd get him an Olympus Stylus, 25 rolls of film with developing and some
>> photo
>> albums. That will encourage him to shoot. As the prints come back from the
>> lab,
>> sit down with him, put the pics in albums and talk about what worked and what
>> didn't.
>> He'll learn far more this way than handing him a camera with buttons and
>> dials
>> that make no sense.
>> It all takes time. Don't rush it. For a kid, the joy is in the pictures, not
>> the
>> tools.
>> Lea
> Lea,  I agree moslty.  There are some kids for whom the process is as
> important as
> the results (my younger daughter, for example).  But I definitely would not
> sacrifice results for the sake of the process.
> Doug Herr
> Birdman of Sacramento

I find that, at least most of the times, kids are very curious about the
magic from loading a roll film into a camera and up to processing it and
then enlarge...and I'm talking about kids ranging 8 and up...
My four year son enjoys looking at my cameras and he loves playing with his
Holga...a very cheap toy we gave to him to take him close with photo gear...
And more, he actually helps me develop my test strips at the darkroom. He
recognizes the emulsion side of the paper and love to share with me by the
That said, I'll understand that when he becomes a teen he use a Stylus
camera as a hammer on my head while asking for my Rolleis or Leicas....
I'll let you know as soon as ...well, just 10 years or so...
Lea, let your daughter have the Stylus over a shelf, as a souvenir...
We should know that kids are like us: very keen, intelligent and smart but
in a smaller size. 


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