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Subject: [Leica] Church Directory shots
From: "Duane Birkey" <>
Date: Thu, 26 Jul 2001 18:09:13 -0500

Not knowing what the inside of your church looks like makes it difficult to
judge what is best.  As part of a church directory, there will be numerous
shots that represent various aspects and one overall shot of the sanctuary
is important.

Many times the best place to shoot from is the balcony, if you have one.  If
not...  well you may have to get creative.... shooting from on stage near
the organ or piano...  Or putting a step ladder up in the back somewhere.
Either perfectly centered or off to one side a ways.....

The best time to shoot photos from the front is when everyone is looking
up.... not down at a hymnal.... I like shooting during singing and that's
easier if they are looking at a overhead.   It may be less disruptive to
shoot during announcements or something as well.

Anymore everything published ends up in digital form.... if it were me, I'd
try to stitch 3 photos together to make a wider view of the sanctuary.....
but.....  if the front platform area is pretty and the sides have windows
that aren't.... I'd try to emphasize the front and not shoot so wide....
that said, the disadvantage of shooting with a not so wide lens is that you
sometimes end up with a shot that looks like only 10 people were at that

If you have one nice stainglass window or something up front.... I'd try to
make sure that ends up in the background of a shot of the senior pastor

If you are shooting from the back.... I'd try to get something with a choir
up front... if you have one... to make it a bit more interesting.....

Either way.... don't shoot a photo of an empty sanctuary....  the Church
isn't a building.

I'd shoot print film, 100 ASA if you can.... but 400 if there isn't enough


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