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Subject: Re: [Leica] Light meter stop working!!
From: "Don Dory" <>
Date: Wed, 18 Jul 2001 23:11:55 -0400
References: <>

OK, lets do this methodically.  Remove the new batteries, using a cotton
swab moistened in vinegar rub the contact in the battery well and the
threads on the battery cap; if the contact doesn't turn shiny bright then
you might consider something a little abrasive to polish the contact.  Don't
use anything much coarser than an ink eraser however.  Now dry off the
vinegar with another dry swab.  Clean the batteries with a micro fiber cloth
or lens tissue so there is no residue on the batteries.  Put the batteries
in making sure they are the right way up.  Set an exposure on the camera
that will be close, i.e. sunny 16 outside, then make sure the lens cap is
off..  Snap the shutter and wind the film.  Do you see any meter indication
as you rack the shutter speed dial or aperture ring?  If yes take a deep
sigh of relief, if not then proceed as below.

If you don't see any LED's then go to a photo store that is known to sell
tons of batteries and get a new set of batteries.  Do the above again.
Success?  If yes congratulations on having a fully functional camera.  If
not, then with regrets, please search the archives for a reputable repair
service in your neighborhood of the world.

Good luck


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