Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 2001/07/14

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Subject: Re: [Leica] FS: Chrome Kobalux 21/2.8 3rd gen
From: Lee Yan Zhan <>
Date: Sat, 14 Jul 2001 21:15:43 +0800

Hi Dante,

Do you have photos?


On 7/14/01 6:19 AM, "Dante Stella" <> wrote:

> The black ones are sold out (very quickly surpassing available factory
> output in that color), but I will be bringing in some chrome ones as well
> (3 of which are still available as of today).
> 21/2.8 Kobalux LTM chrome lens (RF coupled), 3rd generation, with finder,
> universal M-adapter (35/135), brightline finder, shade, caps, to your door
> in the U.S., $525.  New in box.
> Same w/o finder, w/o M-adapter, $449
> Price is for remittance before 7/18 and delivery 1st week August.
> Price after 7/18 is $549 and $474, respectively.
> Paypal accepted and strongly encouraged.  No surcharge.
> Principal differences between this and Adorama' version
> (see my previous post)
> - Recomputed optics for improved bokeh
> - Circular aperture
> - Half click stops
> - Fully multicoated
> - I have also arranged for traditional LTM indicator placement (1:00),
> which not only makes this LTM lens more traditional, but also allows
> you to read the selected aperture in the VF of a M6 0.58 or Hexar RF,
> just like you would with a Canon or Leica LTM lens.
> - Compare the price
> Adorama does not sell this one, and it appears that they never will.
> As noted previously, Kobalxues are highly rated (see previous post).  In
> BJP the last version (2d) was shown as outperforming both Super Angulons,
> converted Biogons, and coming in about even with an Elmarit-M (pre-asph).
> Shutterbug published a favorable report as well.
> They are also beautifully made with smooth focus, nice click stops (ball
> bearing), and lovely hard chrome finish.  Filter thread is 58mm (can take
> standard height filters) and depth is about 35mm.  So it's about half to
> two-thirds the depth of the 21/2.8 Elmarit-M and about the same width at
> the front.
> Should work with any LTM camera (IIIc or after) or M-mount camera (except
> maybe the M5).  Looks great on an M3 - very close to the same finish.
> Questions?  Feel free to email offlist.
> Have a good one!
> Dante