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Subject: Re: [Leica] Re: "Folks"
From: Marc James Small <>
Date: Thu, 12 Jul 2001 21:10:30 -0400
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At 08:22 PM 7/12/01 -0400, Robert Clark wrote:
>Well, I forgive any transgressions he might have inadvertently made....not
>everyone (or even a few) consider(s) what he did offensive.  Regardless of
>someone else's interpretation of the issues, there's no need for anyone to be
>rude, hostile, or petulant toward him.  He's a great guy and as far as I'm
>concerned...welcome here anytime.


You MUST be a newcomer here.  For the past six years, WHENEVER someone
mentions politics, there is an explosion.  Some of those doing so HAVE been
wonderful contributers to this List, such as Oddmund and Eric Welch.  But
we simply have adopted a rule here that politics are not to be discussed in
this meeting of congenial souls.  And so be it.  Henry transgressed a rule
that he was unaware existed -- and of which you, apparently, were also

The reason is simple.  Someone posts a relatively innocuous political
comment.  Someone else snaps a quick and opposing statement.  And, in a
matter of hours, the List becomes polarized and angry.  It is better to
simply understand that you don't make political commentaries on the LUG.
Period.  There is really no discussion beyond this -- there is a sound
reason for the understanding, and all of us recognize that Henry didn't
know of this understanding.  The most wonderful person in the world can
make a mistake, and so Henry did.

The real problem with this sort of situation is that the "feel-good folks"
who simply want to soothe everything over  -- "oh, my, but so-and-so is
SUCH a wonderful guy!" -- only end up royally hacking off the other side.
Simply, it is MUCH better never to get to that position in the first place.
 Thus, the understanding that we do not discuss politics when we gather for
our community around the LUG table.

Let it die.  Let's just not talk politics or the aftereffects of political
discussions anymore.  And, when someone DOES post a political note and
someone else responds, be understanding of the wide spectrum of political
thought on this List, and hold your peace.  We will all benefit.

And, Ted, I'm chuggin' down on Jameson's at the moment, but I'm in an Irish
Revolutionary mood, so it seems appropriate:  Michael Collins planned his
mayhem against the crown to the sweet taste of Jameson.  De Valera, the
rascal, drank Guinness early in life but was known to take something
stronger late in life - but never Jameson's or Bushmill's.

Marc  FAX:  +540/343-7315
Cha robh bąs fir gun ghrąs fir!

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