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Subject: Re: [Leica] M6 w/.58 finder: my experience
From: "B. D. Colen" <>
Date: Sat, 07 Jul 2001 09:53:18 -0400
References: <v04011701b76c894d8537@[]>

I preface this by saying that I am new - about three weeks - to the
.58....That said...while there is no doubt it is a wonder with the 28
and 35, in terms of not needing an external finder with the 28, and
having a good deal of open real estate around the 35 frame lines, I
would note - warn anyone consider a .58 as their main M - that I find
that it is a camera for close work and not much more. As soon as I'm
eight or 10 feet out, I find the finder magnification to be too low for
useful focusing....granted, under most circumstances, 8-10 feet out with
a 28 or 35 probably means that one is outdoors, and therefore there is
probably enough light so that critical focusing is irrelevant....But....

Anyway, just an observation....But again, with the 28 in close it is
nothing short of miraculous......

B. D.

BTW - I'm sure this has been discussed to death, but am I correct in
understanding that the new Bessa T has an M lens mount?

Béatrice Mousli wrote:
> >I think the 0,58 is the best finder since the M2. At the moment I am reduced
> >to carrying only one body and one lens due to the loss of strength in my
> >shoulders and that combo is a M6 with a 0,58 finder and the 35/2 Asph on it.
> >I love that "floating" frame that gives me plenty of surround outside of the
> >lens coverage. It allows me to quickly see what is approaching the frame and
> >either wait for it to get in there or avoid it....
> Tom A.
> Ditto on the 0.58+35/2 combo. Of my two M6s, the 0.58 sees the most use,
> usually with a 35 Summicron mounted to it. I've also used the 50 and even
> the 90 with it, though the latter only a few times.
> Guy

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