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Subject: RE: [Leica] M6 w/.58 finder: my experience
From: "Mehrdad Sadat" <>
Date: Tue, 3 Jul 2001 23:12:40 -0700

Good to hear from you Tom!! how long have u been shooting with the Bessa T
and how do like it? I just ordered one

Thanks, Mehrdad

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[Subject: Re: [Leica] M6 w/.58 finder: my experience
[I think the 0,58 is the best finder since the M2. At the moment I
[am reduced
[to carrying only one body and one lens due to the loss of strength in my
[shoulders and that combo is a M6 with a 0,58 finder and the 35/2
[Asph on it.
[I love that "floating" frame that gives me plenty of surround
[outside of the
[lens coverage. It allows me to quickly see what is approaching the
[frame and
[either wait for it to get in there or avoid it. I have been using
[the 28's on
[the 0,58 too and it is nice to have the framelines visible with glasses,
[although I am so used to approximate the 28 coverage from years of
[with 0,72's that I forget the framelines. Once I built up the strength and
[gotten back in shape I will be carrying the 0,58 as my wide camera
[the Bessa-T with the 21/4 Voigtlander (stunning lens! As good as
[the 21/3,4!)
[and the 0,85 for 50 and longer. I tried the 0,58 with the 75/90 combo and
[decided that it was not worth the squinting. Those frames are
[puny! Anything
[over 50 is iffy in my estimation. No, I am not getting rid of the M2's -
[there is a satisfaction in loading a brassy old M2 and the early Summicron
[35/2 (8 element) with Tri-X and go back to basics that even a M6 can't
[approach. The M6 0,58 comes awfully close though and it does have
[a meter in
[it, a fact that is useful when I use other films than Tri-X.
[Thanks Leica for coming out with the 0,58. Now if they could do something
[about that On/Off switch too I would be really happy with the TTL.
[Tom A
[Tom Abrahamsson
[Vancouver, BC