Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 2001/07/03

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Subject: Re: [Leica] M6 w/.58 finder: my experience
Date: Wed, 4 Jul 2001 01:41:07 EDT

I think the 0,58 is the best finder since the M2. At the moment I am reduced 
to carrying only one body and one lens due to the loss of strength in my 
shoulders and that combo is a M6 with a 0,58 finder and the 35/2 Asph on it. 
I love that "floating" frame that gives me plenty of surround outside of the 
lens coverage. It allows me to quickly see what is approaching the frame and 
either wait for it to get in there or avoid it. I have been using the 28's on 
the 0,58 too and it is nice to have the framelines visible with glasses, 
although I am so used to approximate the 28 coverage from years of shooting 
with 0,72's that I forget the framelines. Once I built up the strength and 
gotten back in shape I will be carrying the 0,58 as my wide camera (35/28), 
the Bessa-T with the 21/4 Voigtlander (stunning lens! As good as the 21/3,4!) 
and the 0,85 for 50 and longer. I tried the 0,58 with the 75/90 combo and 
decided that it was not worth the squinting. Those frames are puny! Anything 
over 50 is iffy in my estimation. No, I am not getting rid of the M2's - 
there is a satisfaction in loading a brassy old M2 and the early Summicron 
35/2 (8 element) with Tri-X and go back to basics that even a M6 can't 
approach. The M6 0,58 comes awfully close though and it does have a meter in 
it, a fact that is useful when I use other films than Tri-X.
Thanks Leica for coming out with the 0,58. Now if they could do something 
about that On/Off switch too I would be really happy with the TTL. 
Tom A

Tom Abrahamsson
Vancouver, BC