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Subject: Re: [Leica] Was Copyright questions, in defense of the R8.
From: "Simon Lamb" <>
Date: Mon, 25 Jun 2001 10:10:01 +0100
References: <>


The R8 flash mechanism is excellent.  I do agree with the previous poster
that the F5 can and does meter flash about as perfectly as it can get.  The
five one millisecond pre-flashes that are used to meter the flash exposure
provide very accurate results.


Ray Moth wrote:

> On the second point to which you responded, I think you may have
> misunderstood my meaning. By flash metering in "F" mode, I meant the
> R8's ability to act as a flash meter with manual flashguns, to help
> select the best lens aperture for correct exposure of the subject
> before taking the shot. It uses selective (spot) metering for this
> function. You may have been unaware of this feature if you're not
> familiar with the R8.
> Firstly, you select what you estimate to be an appropriate aperture for
> the lens, select "F" mode on the R8, switch on the flash in manual mode
> and wait until it 'comes to the boil', aim the camera so that the
> circle in the viewfinder that indicates the selective metering area
> covers the part of the subject you want correctly exposed, then press
> down the depth of field preview lever. This fires the flash, without
> firing the shutter, and the viewfinder display indicates how much over
> or under the exposure would be. You can then adjust the lens aperture
> in accordance with the display indication and take the shot.
> The R8 also has the usual TTL flash control, to which you refer, if
> used with SCA 3000 compatible flashguns (e.g. Metz 32-Z2 flash with SCA
> 3501 module). It uses integral metering and works pretty well with most
> "normal" subjects. For a subject against a very dark or very light
> background, however, being able to use the camera as a spot flash meter
> is very useful. Few other cameras can do this.

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