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Subject: [Leica] How do you change shutter speed on an O series?
From: Jeff Williams <>
Date: Mon, 25 Jun 2001 08:52:43 +0200 (CEST)

Very carefully!

(half wind film until red dot aligns with mark and
then depress shutter speed button and adjust curtain
break distance)

A couple of small points about using the O series;
firstly I have forgotten how to meter with a handheld
as my negs from the second roll were all over the
place exposure wise! 
Second I find the Leica O series less intimidating to
use. For example I do not like sticking an M6 in
someone's face on the street. I feel as though I am
invading their space. However with the O series you
maintain eye contact to a degree with your subject,
and they are usually wonder why that guy is holding
his camera 18 inches in front of his face. People are
curious about the O, in fact two people have spoken to
me after I took their photo. One said "I used to have
one like that" (he was about 75) and the other person
just wanted to know if I needed glasses...

Another thing I have learnt is that I need to get a
decent scanner, not an el-cheapo flatbed with neg
carrier. Scanning negs is a lot harder than scanning

Just in case you want to see a few poorly scanned
samples the link is


Absolutely nothing earth shattering, just for the
curious in case you think my O series stays locked in
a glass case...

The bookshop, Sacre Coeur and Seine are from the
second roll. The earlier two shots came off the first
roll which had x-ray base fog.

I like this O series but I have under-estimated how
long it is going to take to learn to use it properly.
Back to my "Basic Photography" book to do metering

Jeff the kiwi

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