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Subject: Re: [Leica] Re: scratched lens
From: Mark Rabiner <>
Date: Sun, 17 Jun 2001 12:49:57 -0700
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> Possibly, but it hurts resale value, and a lot of people are quite concerned
> about that, and that is their business and no one else's.  I find if I buy a
> piece of gear that is in exceptional condition, I can use it for a few
> years, providing I take very good care of it, I can re-sell it for near what
> I paid for it.

And now in the last few years with Ebay this activity is ten times easier.

Me personally if i never buy a piece of year; use it for a few years and then
e-sell it for near what I paid for it again i will be a very happy man.
I think for every time this is a practical necessary: The gear just didn't work
out, there are a hundred times when it's not. 
It's trading.

You stock brokers and bankers and accountants need a hobby so you pick
photography so you can play with money. It never stops!
An activity or interest pursued OUTSIDE one's regular occupation ....

I think it would do our practice of photography well if when we bought a crucial
piece of year we felt like we were pretty much stuck having to take pictures
with it for the duration.

"Darn it! I guess i just have to take pictures now!"
Is using a piece of equipment that you have truly mastered boring? It would seem
that way with so many of you guys. Everything has to be a brave new world.

But all you traders should just have fun! 
But I just think that mentality needs to be distinguished from the practice of
DOING photography on anything resembling a serious level.
Me I'd rather be trading Micky Mantel for Roger Maris. Or unicorns.

That said it IS humanly possible to do both. Some of us ARE shooting every day
and have our walls filled with nice sized prints and our slide trays made into
slide shows and a portfolio or two of carefully edited and printed work but
STILL manage to move a lot of stuff.
Anyone having a problem with that would just be jealous! Not me!

Mark Rabiner

Portland, Oregon

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