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Subject: RE: [Leica] what and why you photograph
From: "Edward Mortimer" <>
Date: Tue, 12 Jun 2001 13:39:20 -0000


Although I've only been using a Leica for a couple of weeks now ive been 
into photography a lot longer. I think I got my first camera when i was 
about 10, a Zenith very unreliable and it weighed a ton. Then a got a S/H 
Oly OM1 for my 16th birthday and i havent looked back since. I wanted to 
better my picures so i went to college and did an A level in photography, at 
this time i was into the likes of Adams and Weston, there work really 
inspired me and for a long time i shot mainly b+w. College opened up the 
chance to go to University and do a degree in photography, which i must say 
was extremly rewarding because they gave you complete freedom to express 
youself in any way you want. And i learnt alot about using photography as a 
means of communication. At this time i was heavily influenced by the NY 
photographer Lee Friedlander although i was working mainly in colour. At the 
end of my degree i produced a book called Open Places which in fact was the 
opposite, full of urban landscape. I aslo like to add humor/irony to my 
images as it can make them more interesting.
I seem to go though stages when it comes to subjects to photograph although 
im still doing urban landscapes there of smaller towns in more rural areas 
now as opposed to the big cities i did at University, but i suppose its part 
of the natural wanting to do some thing different than what went before.
I would idealy like to travel to the states and see what images i could pluk 
out there, follow the footsteps of Friedlander and the like, its gonna 
happen one day.
But now I have the Leica, if someone had showed me the pictures these things 
can make a while ago i woukld have been using one for years already. I realy 
like the Leica, its a true photographers camera everything you need with 
none of the B'shit. Easy to use, great detail and that contrast, it just 
makes me melt.
Cant stay got to get out and shoot that film.

Many Regards
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