Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 2001/06/10

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Subject: [Leica] I'm Ruining My Glasses
From: "Frank Dernie" <>
Date: Sun, 10 Jun 2001 09:16:47 +0100

it is absolutely correct that the M3 has a different rangefinder/ viewfinder
to the M2 and subsequent M's. I have drawings and they are COMPLETELY
different. The M2 rangefinder was done to reduce the price of the Leica (the
M2 was originally a cut price Leica) as it is much simpler. Luckily for
Leica many customers preferred the lower magnification (the cheaper
rangefinder was apparently not as accurate as the M3 one but I don't know if
this is inherent in the  simplified design of in the magnification). They
standardised on this design for subsequent cameras. I peronally don't
believe the story that this was because the M2 was more popular, it wasn't
the M3 outsold the M2 almost 3 to 1. I expect cost control and inventory
rationalisation was the reason the stories are probably marketing BS.
The M2 (hence M6) optics seem not to be able to achieve the 0,91 mag of an
M3, the 0,85 of the M6J and later 0,85 M6's seems to be a limit. Anybody
know why?
There are 13 optical elements in the M3 finder, the M2 has 8 and a much
different ray trajectory.
OTOH the lens next to the eyepiece may be the same so it may be worth a try
if you can get access!
cheers Frank

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> Ken Wilcox wrote

> John:
> I've been told that the M6 eyepiece cannot be used on the M3. Something
> about a  different optical system. (If I recall correctly, Sherry told me
> this)
> Ken Wilcox
> At 9:05 -0600 6/9/1, a fine scholar, John Collier wrote:
>>Just replace the older M3/2 camera's eyepiece with the M6 one. A Leica-User
>>recently changed his and I think  the eyepiece was about $65US or so.
>>John Collier
>>> From: Shel Belinkoff <>
>>> I've been using an M3 and an M2, and the metal viewfinder has been
>>> scratching my glasses.  Stephen Gandy can no longer supply the
>>> rubber eyeglass protector donuts.  Does anyone have any suggestions
>>> to eliminate this problem?
>>> Is the rubber covering on the M6 removable, and will it fit the
>>> M2/M3?
>>> --
>>> Shel Belinkoff
>>> "It matters little how much equipment we use; it
>>> matters much that we be masters of all we do use." - Sam Abell