Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 2001/06/04

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Subject: RE:[Leica] Nikon + Tamron revisited
From: Félix López de Maturana <>
Date: Tue, 5 Jun 2001 00:53:11 +0200

"This experience makes me think twice about giving up my leica rangefinders
for those "super duper state of the art" electronic AF marvels. I reckon
that when I find that my eyes no longer focus properly, I might have to
rely more and more on my Contax G2. At least, being a cross between a
rangefinder and an AF SLR, the G2 will not irritate me when the focus is a
wee bit off."


Really an insteresting mail! But allow me to add some comments. I will not
call a Nikon f90, BTW discontinued, with a consumer zoom a, I quote, "super
duper state of the art" electronic AF marvels; I can lend my Nikon F5 with a
28-70 F:2,8 AFS and perhaps then you can enjoy a true AF. On the other hand
the Contax G2, besides some really outstanding lenses, is not a prodigy of
autofocus and needs some training, that sure you've already got, for a
correct autofocus. Speaking about lenses compare any Leica lens with
consumer zoom, specially third producers, is not exactly fair... But,
excepting full open where Leica and CZ excel, good Canon or Nikon primes are
too excelent. They are "different" and so anybody can say when a picture
come from german lenses or not but they are not worse. It is frequently a
matter of choosing a ratio output/price and there german optics do not
excel. If you like and can afford them have a
Leica/Hasselblad/Rollei/Contax. In fact I have them and enjoy them but I di
like too some japanese equipment and I am happy with them...

Kind regards