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Subject: Re: [Leica] What do you do with your Images?
From: Mark Rabiner <>
Date: Sun, 03 Jun 2001 13:55:26 -0700
References: <>

George Lottermoser wrote:
> (Mark Rabiner)6/3/0112:57 PM
> > The reason is in the doing.
> > But the doing involves follow though.
> Mark pretty much said it - you make em - you work em - you show
> em - you sell em - you worry about em - publish em - you give
> them as gifts
> I've been working on a very fast way to do extreme macro shots
> with a 4x5 and produced a fabulous negative with the method
> yesterday - printed an RC and will present it, along with an
> appropriate poem, "Listen only to your own perfect soul" to a
> young woman this afternoon for her high school graduation gift.
> After all is said and done - you enjoy them and let others do the
> same.
> George

Looks like my spell checker did not follow thRough!

Interesting you mentioned the poem because the picture i just did the diatribe
about had a poem written about it by Foxy the guy i sent the shot to in
Worcester mass.
That make it the only poem incrusted image i've ever made that i am aware of.
He presents his poem as a performance and would show the picture.
I myself am poetry challenged. I rebel against it for some dumb reason.
I got into Ferlingetti  in High School for about five minutes and that's it.
Whose woods these are i think i know I've got memorized. (I know it's Frost)
The poetry thing is Foxy's gig. The shot reminds him of someone he knew.
But he's getting me a little bit interested. He is so involved and committed and excited.
Us visual guys are not supposed to be verbal guys.
How many photojournalists are they really out there in the sense of they write
the copy?
	in say National Geographic?
Perhaps the best way for us to sharpen our shooting chops is to sharpen our
poetry chops.
Get the pencil out and write on the back once the print drys or on the big
bottom border.

Off topic like hell but what's your 4x5 macro trick!!!!???
half of us will be tossing and turning unless we find out!!!

but the bug INSIDE the camera and turn the lens so if faces inside andů
use RC paper INSTEAD of a neg...

Mark Rabiner

Portland, Oregon

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