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Subject: Ynt: [Leica] Two bodies two film types
From: "akkas" <>
Date: Wed, 30 May 2001 11:46:08 +0300

i have been through that problem of carrying 2 M bodies with
same film and as you mean it gives a very usefull flexibility.
But my offer to you is to use 35mm with 90mm which is a perfect
combination. with a little bit of cropping in printing ( without
any lost in sharpness ) you can catch any lenght beetwen 35mm and 90mm
and also 90mm gives me a perfect naturel potraits without disturbing
the models, does'nt know that they've been pictured. 

Metin Akkas

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Konu: Ynt: [Leica] Two bodies two film types
Tarih: Tue, 29 May 2001 11:46:39 -0500

>For years the primary reason I carried two bodies was to shoot two 
>types of film; color and b/w. Frankly, I rarely used both. I'd 
>either found
>myself to be in a color or a b/w mindset. So one body usually went 
>It became a lens holder, and little more. 
>A while back I had occasion to shoot both bodies with the same film 
>D400 not that it matters). Using two bodies interchangably with the 
>film has really opened my eyes. First, there's a real freedom in 
>being able
>to use either of two lenses without having to swap anything. And I 
>even mean vastly different lenses. I've primarily been using the 
>35/1.4 and
>50/1.4, and less frequently a 28. I've come to appreciate that the 
>35 and 50
>are very different focal lengths. I've owned and used both for 
>years. But I
>either used one or the other. Never both. Even if I had them with 
>me, I
>never felt it worth the effort to change. If the 35 was a little 
>wide, I
>just used it anyway. If the 50 was a little tight, again, I just 
>used it
>I've had reasons to shoot lots of film over the past several weeks. 
>carried two M6s -- same film, different lenses. I find myself 
>switching from
>one camera to the other quite often. It's really opened my eyes to 
>difference between the 35 and 50. I always photograph with the goal 
>printing full frame. I don't like to crop. Having two bodies that 
>can be
>used interchangably is almost like having an M zoom. Why not just 
>use an R
>with a 35-70 zoom? That's something I've considered. But one reason 
>I like
>the M option is maximum aperture. Not too many f1.4 zooms. Secondly, 
>an R with a zoom for me is more cumbersome than carrying two M6s. I 
>know which body (lens) I want as soon as I see something. I very 
>preview and then switch. 
>It's taken me a long time to learn that two bodies with only one 
>film type
>is really handy; and in many ways much better than using two 
>different types
>of film. Still, can't help that I have the urge to get a third M6 
>for some
>color film. Old habits die hard. 
>PS I'm curious if anyone else carries two bodies with two different 
>types of
>film (not for ISO reasons, but b/w, color trans, or color reversal).
>Conversely, do many people shoot two bodies with the same film? 
>I find it really difficult to switch between between color and b/w. 
>Before I
>get started shooting, yes. But after, no.