Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 2001/05/13

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Subject: [Leica] Konicagate
From: "Emanuel Lowi" <>
Date: Sun, 13 May 2001 22:07:51 -0400

As a long-time fact checker (for Reader's Digest magazine - yep, if they publish it,
it's TRUE) I agree it is good journalistic practice to trace information back to its
very most original source. However, if one is returning to a source repeatedly, for
the same type information, and that source's bona fides are already securely
established, it may not be essential to track the details back in every instance. I
also think that info appearing on the LUG is basically low-risk stuff that needn't be
examined up the wa-zoo. 

Real experts are not so easy to find but, here on the LUG, I have come to consider
Erwin P. an impeccable source on matters related to the use of Leica lenses.
Therefore I am grateful for his revelations on the question of flange-film distance
discrepancies between the Konica and Leica M mount cameras.

Stephen G.'s website is also an excellent source of information on all kinds of
cameras, not only Leicas. It is essential reading. The difference between the two is,
IMHO, that some of Gandy's statements reside squarely in the realm of opinion. From
time to time, as his notions have evolved, he has revised some of the statements
published on his website. Not so Erwin: his findings employ scientific methods and he
seems to try to avoid statements of opinion. There is ample room for both of these
men in the universe.

As for the Konica compatibility thang... I sent my Hexar  RF back to Konica Canada
because the parallax compensation didn't travel down to minimum distance with my
Leica lenses. Also, I was getting partial framelines for lenses that weren't mounted.
The Konica tech insisted to me that Konica did not promote the Hexar RF as Leica lens
compatible and he would not service my camera to match a Leica lens. At first, I
thought (as others have) that this claim was a disingenuous ruse made to urge me
towards buying only Hexanon lenses. But I have thought about this a lot: why the hell
wouldn't Konica promote the Hexar as Leica M compatible (unless is isn't)? Surely
this is the main advantage their camera has over all others in the market? Note that
nowhere have I seen a claim from Konica that the Hexar RF works with Leica lenses.

I suggest there is some kind of a problem that shows up erratically. 

Emanuel Lowi