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Subject: [Leica] RE: Konica fiction
From: "Victor Wek" <>
Date: Thu, 10 May 2001 17:35:25

I agree with Jim, and I like to add two cents:

1) Rarely two devices from different companies work well together, specially 
if companies have different standards. This factor is visible, not only, in 
computer industry.
2) My short life taught me not to make shortcuts. When I  decided on Leica, 
I paid not only for brand name, highest production standards, better 
design... but for assurance they equipment will work flawlessly together. 
And I do not have to make any adjustment on my own.

Earth, Solar System

>It is good that not everyone likes the same camera gear. I "personally"
>don't have any use for the Hexar, numerous LUGgers have reported problems,
>and there seems to be a possible design quirk as well.
>For those of you that like and have had good luck with the Hexar, I am
>truly happy. But I personally think it lacks the mechanical excellence >and 
>heritage of Leica products. Both a Yugo and a BMW will get you from >one 
>place to another. I would never have a Yugo.

>I think a product's heritage is very important. This is why I use Leica,
>Hasselblad, and Linhof. And I drive a BMW (sorry Marc... :)) But Audi,
>Mercedes, Saab, Jaguar, and the like, all have a heritage. We all >cherish 
>the long line of LTM Leicas, the M3 and later incarnations. 
> >Lineage.Important.

>This doesn't say that the Hexar cannot work for someone. It obviously 
> >works for Henning. But is it worth trusting for doing a client's work? 
> >Do we know anything about its heritage? What is the failure rate. What 
> >fails the most. Can it be easily CLA'ed? etc, etc, etc...

>There are obviously folks out there as I speak, measuring their Hexars.
>Will this prove anything? Probably not. There is still no long term >data, 
>no info about the tolerances from one camera to the next. >Tolerances are 
>funny. If you are lucky and they all line up in your >favor, it works. But 
>I'm not willing to take that chance. You have a >much better chance with 
>Leica products.

>How many of you out there are truthfully using a Hexar for paid >assignment 
>work? Work where if you screw up you could lose a client, or >not be given 
>another assignment?

>If you are, I think you are skating on thin ice. You might make to the
>other side of the pond, but the next person might not. This could also
>happen with Leica, but it is far less likely. And you have trust in your
>Leica. Can you see Ted using a Hexar for "real" work? Good grief! Perish
>the thought.

>And we have folks like Krauter, DAG, Mueller, etc., that can make a >Leica 
>sing. Who is there for a Hexar? I'll stick with a high quality, >long 
>lineage, well known in all respects, Leica.

>Just my humble opinion.

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