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Subject: Re: [Leica]
From: "B. D. Colen" <>
Date: Thu, 26 Apr 2001 10:55:28 -0400
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"Stanislaw B.A. Stawowy" wrote:
> B.D. wrote:
> > As one who also owns and shoots with both, it strikes me as an
> > incredibly stupid statement.
> Yes? So what about this:
> "Some of these arrivistes buy Nikon F5s, or Leica R8s, or any other top
> price SLR, only to shoot photos of their cat without ever quite knowing
> what they are doing.  Often their top-of-the-range camera body has a
> mediocre lens on the front, or worse.  We've all seen the messages
> posted by the people with an F100 and kit lenses, or the guy who
> suggested he needed a Tamron mount so he could use his Tamron lenses on
> a Leica SLR body he intended to buy.  Many of these people think that
> because they can buy a Leica, they have somehow acquired the *class*
> that was formerly associated with Leica ownership.  They could not be
> more wrong.  Money doesn't buy class.
> They either don't use the camera at all in order to maximise its
> investment value, or they treat it like bone china, for the same reason,
> and never get it wet, or dirty, or allow it to show any signs of use.
> They take mediocre snapshots with it and convince themselves that they
> have magically transformed themselves into people with class who take
> classy photographs.  Then, to show how much "class" they have, they ram
> their *ownership* of Leica down the bodily orifices of anyone who they
> think will listen, whether from choice or not.  And it's *always* about
> their ownership of a Leica, *never* about their photography.
> Let's face facts.  If these people had *real* class, we would hardly
> ever hear from them on here.  People with real class have no need to
> trumpet their ownership of a fashion accessory.
> As it is, they crawl out from under their stones every time there's a
> new thread with the name "Leica" in it, just so they can once again
> assert their ownership by waving their "badge of office".  It's just
> like a religious cult, any appearance of whose leader triggers mass
> hysteria amongst the followers.  Any tiny criticism is met with bleating
> of the kind that the largest flock of sheep on Earth could not rival.
> It is this behaviour I would find objectionable if it were not so
> laughable ... surely these people cannot be serious?  Do they really
> expect us "lesser mortals" to look up to them because they own a German
> camera they hardly ever use?  Do they really think that mere ownership
> of expensive trinkets confers any *real* class on them?
> I can only imagine the contempt that Henri Cartier-Bresson would reserve
> for such people.
> There are those who buy Leicas to use and enjoy, or even to collect and
> admire, whom I respect.  I imagine they must be deeply embarrassed every
> time they read yet another posting from some upstart with a fat wallet
> who can only boast about his latest trinket."
ST - If that one wasn't so damn long, I ask someone to do it in needle
point and hang it on the wall!! :-)

B. D.

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