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Subject: Re: [Leica] Other TTL flash system with R8, was: Nikon SB28forM6TTL
From: Mark Rabiner <>
Date: Tue, 24 Apr 2001 10:19:08 -0700
References: <>

Steve LeHuray wrote:
> > Steve LeHuray wrote:
> >>
> >> >>Just my .02 cents. I have no use for TTL flash, the recycle time is to
> >> > slow.
> >><Snip> . The tests, not exhaustive or sceintific, that i have
> >> done with the metz and the SB28 seem to indicate a longer recyle time in the
> >> TTL mode. Typically I shoot with flash at f8 with the subject never any more
> >> than 10 feet away but usually 5 to 6 feet. Also would like to add that I
> >> hate using any flash and am certainly no expert on the subject.
> >>
> >> sl
> >
> > Hey guys why would the recycle time be slower in TTL mode than A mode?
> > I don't see any logic in that!!!
> >
> >
> > Mark Rabiner
> > to be continued....
> This is my test......mount flash on F3HP, set shutter on X, f5.6, set strobe
> on TTL. Then press button on motor drive continuos till flash fails.
> Do the same thing again except set strobe on Automatic, press button on
> motor drive continuos, flash keeps going much much longer.
> I think the reason is on automatic there is no sensor trying to figure out
> your exposure.
> sl

On automatic the sensor is right there on the flash. Have you got it set up so
the mode is 5.6 same as your lens?
IN TTL mode that sensor is bypassed and the one in the camera is used.
Could the use of the in camera sensor make the flash significantly less efficient?
Does not seem likely or logical.The opposite seems more likely to me. Your TTL
sensor is asking for more light from your flash for some reason if you ask me.

I should have prefaced this by saying that i have used a LOT of TTL and A
flashes going back and forth between modes. 

There are plenty of variables as in is the sensor on your flash asking for as
much light as the sensor in your camera because if you are using a telephoto or
wide angle lens than that sensor could be judging a different ball part than the
dumb one your flash sees.
I think your UV filter is absorbing all your flash before it hits your in camera sensor!!
Yea that's the ticket!

mark rabiner
put your UV filter over your flash!!!

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