Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 2001/04/19

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Subject: [Leica] RE: RE:The Nikon FM
From: Félix López de Maturana <>
Date: Thu, 19 Apr 2001 21:58:20 +0200


You wouldn't have any of the above problems if you were using a Contax G2
or - if you could forego the zoom - the Konica Hexar. If these issues
really presented problems for a photographer, it would make little sense
that he use an M6.



Thanks for your suggestion, but actually I am using a G2 with 16,21,28,45
and 90 lenses. I never wish to rectify or correct a judge from other members
of the list. I am member of Leica, Nikon,Canon,Contax,Hasselblad and Bronica
lists and "everywhere" I always intend to convince other members that
appreciate our gear does not lead to understimate others gear. The very
common "mine is better" is a topic in every list and in many senses is true
as every gear has some excellent characteristic. But my problem is that I
own and use cameras of all of the brands mentioned( and some others) so that
I cannot say mine is better; which one? Therefore I've developped a big
respect for others equipment, specially the more humble one. Inmedialty
something that can be a scorn appears I cannot avoid to comment something
but never trying to bother anyone.

I started to use Leica this year, as I got a M6 with 50mm Summicron, as a
Xmas gift. I added by myself a 90mm Summicron 2 Asph and I'm awaiting a 28mm
Summicron 2 Asph. I honestly can say that these lenses are excellent. Only
Carl Zeiss and some Schneider lenses can match this quality. Hasselblad XPAN
45mm is absolutely incredible too but only used 24x36 not 24x65. But some
other lenses from Canon and  Nikon are not too far in terms of quality. They
are cheaper, they have a sometimes usefull autofocus, a really very good
metering system, they can be loaded in a hurry and have long teles, tilt
lenses, convenient zooms whose weakness lay much more on distortion and
flare than in sharpnes which is on pair of many primes, and some potent and
reliable flash systems.

My first picture was taken with a SuperIkonta, that still is at home, 52
years ago with my father's help. After that I liked to change of gear very
often depending of the class of pictures that I'm going to take. Traveling
pictures with car (EOS 1V without booster a 17-35, 28-135 and a 100-400
zoom, plus tripo), traveling pictures light luggage (Contax G2 plus five
lenses, and soon M6),landscapes (Hasselblad  SWC and/or a 500C plus four
lenses) or covering some happenings if someone ask me to take a graphic
testimony (you know wedding, etc..) (Nikon F5 and its outstanding flash).
I'm not tryng to be ostentatious but to clear up that everybody has many
reasons to be proud of his equipment as every photographic tool is deign of
beeing appreciated and it not deservs others scorn. I've found a lot of
knowledge in these lists and, perhaps, my pics have improved. My english for
sure not!

Kind regards