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Subject: [Leica] Re: Hexar RF (was ODDS and ends)
From: Andrew Nemeth <>
Date: Fri, 20 Apr 2001 05:07:49 +1000

Guy Bennett <> wrote:

>Not to generalize based on only two examples (but of course that's exactly
>what I'm going to do), but this would suggest that real-world demand for an
>electronic Leica-like RF was not as strong as some (including many here on
>this list) believed.

I don't think so.

The main market for this camera would have been as a motorised
AE adjunct to the M6.  For this to work, the camera would have
to be sold body only for @ $US 1000 (or less).

They got the price wrong (same price as a M6-TTL in Australia)
and insisting you also buy a flash & 50mm as a 'kit' doesn't
help either.

Paul Chefurka <> added:

> It's got the electronics,

Not a plus.  They might be a necessary evil, but hardly a
selling point to the kind of market that wants a cheaper,
back-up, motorised M.

> it's got the motor

... which is loud and cannot be bypassed for quiet shooting -
a _huge_ disapointment

> it's got a swing-open back

... I actually quite like the solidity and rigidity of the M
camera back-hinge and removable bottom plate.

> it's got full-manual operation for everything but the film
> advance,

... true

> it has the .58 VF that Leica finally realized everyone
> wanted,

... 'everyone'?  Some of us like to use 50mm lenses or
longer.  Some of us shoot at wide open apertures.  For
both uses the short 41mm EFB of the RF makes focusing
almost guesswork, especially when compared to a M6 .85
or M3.

> it takes all Leica's lenses (marketing CYA notwithstanding)

... provided you don't like to focus them at closest distances,
whereupon the RF rangefinder effectively disengages.

>and it's built like a brick outhouse.

... true.  I too wish Leica would start to make M & R cameras
out of _solid not plated_ titanium.

But like I said above, the price of the RF is wrong, _way_ wrong
and being lumbered with an unwanted lens and flash just adds insult
to injury.


Andrew Nemeth

<>    -> photos, 360 panoramic vrs, sounds
<>  -> vr java applets, leica faq, tech info

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