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Subject: [Leica] RE: Re: Medium format camera for a Leica user?
Date: Sun, 15 Apr 2001 22:53:49 -0700

Austin writes:

>Being the size of a small town, I find that an odd choice of 'travel'

and in another message:

>A Rollei TLR near a M?  Come on.  My biggest complaint with the Rollei TLR
>is it is so damn awkward to use.  There is no way you can focus, shoot and
>wind without swapping hands twice.

Speak for yourself.

A Rollei 2.8 weighs about a kilo, give or take. Considering that this
is really a complete camera system, it's an easy weight to put up with.

I pack my little Domke shoulder bag with this, and I'm ready to go just
about anywhere:

2.8F, film, Gossen meter, Rolleinar 1, B+W green filter, shade, plus a
cable release and Rolleifix if my tripod is in my suitcase.

More film as necessary in another bag.

Last year I travelled from California to Europe and New Zealand like
this. Photography was not the objective of my trip, so I packed a light
kit. Though yes, my tripod was with me in my luggage.


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