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Subject: [Leica] Photoshop! The Leica of...
From: Johnny Deadman <>
Date: Wed, 04 Apr 2001 09:17:03 -0400

on 4/3/01 6:24 PM, Mark Rabiner at wrote:

> I don't LOVE Photoshop I AM Photoshop!!!

I'm with Mark on this. I've been with PS from the beginning too. The massive
strength of photoshop over its competitors is simply its depth and its
history. Photoshop is sort of the Turing machine of image manipulation in
the sense that if its possible, you can do it. PS 6.0 was a huge step
forward, but what is so great is that you know that Adobe are still pouring
r&d into the program. Yeah, we'd like 16-bit layering but we don't really
need it. Anyone who has checked Corel's balance sheet and market performance
(as well as its history of how it deals with acquisitions) has to know that
whatever the strengths of its products might be you are ultimately buying
into a dead end.

Everytime I sit down to use Photoshop I am conscious that even more than
with most computer stuff I am living in a future I couldn't have imagined as
a child.

Photoshop isn't hard. It's no harder than you Leica. If you can use the
levels, curves, selection, clone and unsharp mask tools you are fully
qualified to make world-class BW prints. Add color balance and you can do
color too. Each of those tools will take you 1 hour to learn.

What you can do with them is unlimited.

If I had one request to the Photoshop Gods (apart from 16-bit layers, that
is) it would be for an extended 'custom' filter that would let you create
new filters based on the matrix model, but with a lot more control.

- -- 
John Brownlow

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