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Subject: Re: [Leica] [leica] Question! Here comes anudder one!
From: Mark Rabiner <>
Date: Tue, 03 Apr 2001 15:24:34 -0700
References: <005c01c0bb87$1f0e8c00$>

Dan! If you're scanning and tweaking and printing and did not have Photoshop I'd
say you made a mistake as a serious photographer. You are just making it harder
on yourself and limiting yourself.
Photoshop is hours and hours of 3 AM fun.
Yes the real darkroom can make you loose all site of time and space.
"Oh it's 3 AM I thought it was time for lunch!!?"
but Photoshop can send you right out there in front of your own computer monitor.
"Email? What's Email?"
You'll be tweaking till the cows come home!

I don't LOVE Photoshop I AM Photoshop!!!

I've grown with it from it's very first version over a decade ago.
It's not a computer program it's a world all to it's own.
If you're an expert you'll understand 1 percent of it.
But chances are it will be the 1 percent you most need.
At anytime  you can start delving into another 1 percent.
Just bring the Deke McClelland Photoshop 6 Bible with you into the bathroom with
I'd just LEAVE it there.

Photoshop has 100 reasons why it can do it better. IT HAS no competition.

Just because a program is deep doesn't mean it holds you back.
It just means you CAN do it.
With every upgrade it just gets better.

And this is from a guy who does not like to see an "A" on his camera.
And thinks a "Closed Loop" is what you should expect to get at "Drunken Donuts"
with bad coffee.

Mark Rabiner

Portland, Oregon

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