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Subject: Re: [Leica] Used SL or SL2
From: Akhil Lal <>
Date: Thu, 29 Mar 2001 13:11:28 -0500
References: <>

Hi Tom,

As the owner of several  SL/SL2's I'd advise against it.
Whilst SL/SL2's are nice to look at, and evoke a much
admiration when displayed in public, the R series handle
much better in actual use. I have two R 7's and would
never again use an SL as a primary camera. Not that
these are bad cameras, but to me (and this is purely
subjective) they have a dated feel. There is not much
the SL/SL2 series can do that the later R series will
not do better. Some users prefer the SL/SL2 finders to
the newer ones so you may wish to look into this for
yourself. The ROM lenses will need to be de-ROMed and
converted to 3 cam - an expensive proposition. 

I can only restate that proper way to use an SL2 is to
load it with K'chrome, dress it up in its burgundy ER
case, attach a 50 Summilux (or a 60 Macro Elmarit) and
take it for an occasional Sunday outing in the park.
When you return home, wipe it carefully and put it back
in its original cardboard box on your display shelf. In
other words, treat it as you would a cherished classic
car. For this sort of occasional use I can strongly
recommend the SL Munich Olympics Special, the Mots
(without motor drive, of course) and the 50 Year models

Akhil wrote:
> I have a question for all the users who are familiar with the older Leica
> reflex cameras. I was going to purchase a new R6.2 next week to supplement
> my R8 and 3 lenses.
> But, after doing a little research and reading a few posts I am now
> interested in possibly purchasing an excellent condition SL or SL2. Several
> people have told me that these cameras in their opinion were the last great
> reflex cameras being fully mechanical that Leica produced. I was also told
> that the quality was first rate.
> Would anyone care to comment of this opinion and give me their two cents?
> Also can you recommend one over the other and if so, what production year or
> serial numbers should I look for. Last but not least, what should I expect
> to pay for anything up to mint in a box. I don't mind paying top dollar if
> it is justified by the condition.
> Last, can I safely use my new R rom lenses with this camera, or would I need
> an adapter of some sort. Would this camera damage my new lenses. I have a
> 28-70mm Vario Elmar, a 80-200mm Vario Elmar, and a 100mm APO macro with the
> Elpro macro close up adapter.
> I know this is asking a lot, but if you also could recommend a reliable
> source for used equipment that would be appreciated. I am new to the used
> market and wouldn't know where to start.
> Thanks you any comments and have a good day.
> Tom Henson
> Houston, Texas
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