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Subject: Re: [Leica] Help! Perplexing development problem (D400/Xtol)
From: Johnny Deadman <>
Date: Tue, 27 Mar 2001 23:03:28 -0500

on 3/27/01 10:39 PM, S Dimitrov at wrote:

> Are you using a graphmatic back?
> Slobodan 

Oh, for sure. I only have one at the moment but they are just wonderful. I
want to have at least four or five. I have timed myself with the grafmatic
and I can shoot and be ready to shoot again in well under 15 seconds, which
is really amazing for 4x5. Plus the septums hold the film flatter than any
of the Riteway film holders. And they're a lot easier to carry. Plus the way
they work is so bafflingly neat it makes you feel good. And I love the fact
that they interlock once you have shot the six sheets.

The only dispiriting thing is that it's a piece of equipment you KNOW will
never ever be remotely economical to manufacture again. I mean, maybe Tom
Abrahamsson could make one, but it would cost, like, $800. And you can still
pick them up for $100.
> Johnny Deadman wrote:
>> on 3/27/01 9:17 PM, henry at wrote:
>>> I guess I don't "get it" since no one else seems to want faster films in
>>> 4X5.
>>> If you do something nutty like photograph people with a 4X5 then you'd
>>> want faster film. Its 2 stops and sometimes it matters. f8 at 1/30 is way
>>> better than f8 at 1/8. For a rock it hardly matters but people move. Or
>>> even outdoors and you're photographing a big group and you need every
>>> stop even in daylight. 2 more stops helps!
>> I agree completely. For available light work of human beings YOU NEED SPEED
>> IN 4x5. 400 is a minimum. I am about to try 25 sheets of T400 CN which is
>> supposed to be eminently shootable @ 800. But I could use another stop.

- -- 
John Brownlow

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