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Subject: Re: [Leica] Re: Leica Quality versus Medium Format
From: "Steve LeHuray" <>
Date: Sat, 24 Mar 2001 21:20:14 -0500

> Tony Salce:
>>I came across a lovely Rolleiflex 3.5F for a very reasonable priceand am
>>thinking of purchasing it.. I've not used medium format before and I'm
>>wondering whether users of Medium Format on this lsit could comment about
>>the pros and cons of having a 35mm system and a medium format system.
>>I do not plan doing big enlargements and perhaps that is one of the primary
>>reasons for getting into medium format. Some would argue however that with
>>the quality of leica lenses you do not require medium format. Having said
>>that square photos have some appeal.
> Here's my 2cents:
> I often print 6x6cm negatives full-frame onto 7x7in squares on a piece
> of 8x10in paper, and in my belief the medium format tonality shines
> through even on these small enlargements.
> Of course if you want to put the camera on a tripod, and shoot 100 Delta
> or some other fine-grained film, then you can make outstanding enlargements.
> (and whoever says that Leica lenses are equivalent to medium format is
> engaging in an exercise of wishful thinking)
> A Rollei TLR is QUIETER than a Leica, and the right-angle viewing probably
> makes it more discreet as well.
> A Rollei in its everready case is a true traveller's camera: the case
> flips open very easily for use, but it also affords a lot of protection
> against bumps and scrapes.  When I'm on the road this is often the only
> camera I bring.
> I'm trying to think of downsides to the TLR, but it's hard: obviously,
> there are no interchangable lenses. The shutter is vibration-free, but
> it's tricky to hand-hold the camera at waist-level for "available light"
> shots -- perhaps a prism would make things easier here.
> Buy it!
> Byron.
30 years ago when I was photographing motorsports for a living naturally I
like everybody else  used Nikon F's (no auto-focus or motor drive). I had a
bet with a fellow staffer that I would cover the weekend with a TLR. Of
course I was the butt of many jokes at the racetrack, but I had the cover
shot for the next issue. hmmmmm maybe I will look around for another TLR.


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