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Subject: Re: [Leica] Week 11 Gilbert
From: "Steve LeHuray" <>
Date: Mon, 19 Mar 2001 10:53:24 -0500

> Gilbert Plantinga wrote:
>>>>>>>> A couple of random snaps from Greenwich Village:<<<<<
> Hi Gilbert,
> Quick comments on both pictures;
> Smokers: it's the eye contact that spoils this picture as they are now
> involved with your camera and not doing what they were doing... talking and
> smoking! In effect you saw then, thought it an interesting picture, put
> camera to eye... probably took too long focusing and composing and gave
> yourself away.

.....and this is why I think all discussion on being able to see the frame
lines is irrelevant when it comes to Street Photography. The SP skill that
needs to be developed is to be able to see 'the moment' a few seconds before
it happens. The second skill is to get the camera to eye, quick
compose/focus, and click. My technique for this is; I keep the camera (M
naturally) on a short strap so it is a few inches below my chin, the shutter
speed and aperture is already set, then as I wander around on the street I
look for shots when I see a potential shot start to develop, I am ready. At
he right moment--camera to eye and zap. There is no time for the subject to
look at me or react before I have taken the picture.
> In effect not capturing the "smoking quiet moment." Exposure and compo is OK
> it's just the moment is lost because you gave yourself away.

Since speed is important when doing street photography I do not use a
metered camera, the meter slows you down, so my old M2 and M3 are perfect
for this kind of photography.
> Little old lady:  Exposure looks good... little old lady is too far through
> the picture as you have her almost dead centre .  Hopefully there is more on
> the neg on the left, if so I'd use it and crop a smidgen off the right. Make
> for a slightly better composition balance.

That is a good critique because to interpret the picture, by having her
closer to exiting the frame you can leave the impression this elderly lady
is more than half way through her life.
> In effect you shot this about three paces too late!
> ted
> Ted Grant Photography Limited

Isn't photography fun?