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Subject: Re: [Leica] the desecrated IIIc
From: "Dan Post" <>
Date: Sat, 17 Mar 2001 11:48:44 -0500
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I have seen Shintaro's work and it is magnificent.... however, he is not
cheap, and if you are like me, a user IIIc with a modest 'Chevrolet' paint
job ismore practical since you can get it - camera and all- with a CLA for
about $450 from Youxin! Shintaro on the other hand, is like the Rolls-Royce
of LTMS!!! I would be inclined to put his work on a shelf and just admire
I suppose it depends on the outlook of the final purchaser, but Michael's
photo, with the included 'Voigtlander' makes me believe he is a 'user', and
not the collector type!!
I admire Youxin's efforts to take peeling, ugly, lone, forlorn IIIc bodies
that collectors would sneer at, and users would be afraid to buy- then
'breathe' new life into them for a reasonable price, and set them to work
again! I have a IIIc and a IIIf that I use all the time, and thought the
IIIf is a quieter, more smooth body, I get excellent results with the IIIc,
and I can take it places where "Angels" would fear to tread! I take it to
the mountains, to the beach, and sort of keep it around as a 'tote' camera,
usually with the Elmar 50 or the Jupiter 35!

I have to admit, that I have craved one or two of the Shintaro creations,
however. They are beautiful, and he is indeed a craftsman, but moreso an

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Subject: Re: [Leica] the desecrated IIIc

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> > Well, in the interim of having my 'new' IIIc stripped and painted black
> > someday (who does that again?)

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