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Subject: [Leica] Re: unfounded accusation
From: ray tai <>
Date: Sat, 17 Mar 2001 12:20:49 +0800
References: <>

In more traditional Asian countries like Japan it is customary for a host to
offer small gifts.  I have a drawer full of unopened packages in my office from
these visits (typically pens, ties and such); and when it is my turn to play
host I prefer to take my guests to dinner and drinks because as a middle aged
American male I don't like shopping.  These are just simple acts of kindness
seen in more civilized places.  I know for a fact my fellow HK LUG'er Joseph Yao
will buy a pint of brew to any visiting LUG'er and when necessary he will
perform surgery on you at no charge.  What a nice bloke he is! wrote:

>  Marc, you obviously have had no dealings with businesses in Asia.
> Gift-giving is a fact of life. The price for my integrity is far higher than
> any camera made by anyone at anytime. I do not "give" a Rapidwinder to
> anybody and expect anything in return. There are people whose work I admire
> and who appreciate what I design and make. This does not put me "in the
> pocket" of Voigtlander by any means. It could be that your ethics are
> different from mine, but I be damned if I can't give a gift to someone for no
> other reason that I like the person and admire his or her work. By the way, I
> have given Rapidwinders, and Softreleases to Leica USA, Leica Solms and
> private individuals. Does that mean that I am now beholden to these companies
> and these individuals? I gave away scores of custom engraved LUG Softreleases
> to fellow LUGgers at various LUG meetings. Oh my God, I am corrupted and have
> probably corrupted others on the way. We will gather on the 5th level of
> Dante's Hell and sit there and play with our Softies and Rapidwinders while I
> will be able to give you all the meter readings with my VC meter. One nice
> thought though, if I remember Dante's Hell right, laywers were assigned  to
> level 7.
> Tom A

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