Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 2001/03/16

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Subject: [Leica] Off-switch on R8 - does it matter?
From: Ray Moth <>
Date: Fri, 16 Mar 2001 01:03:09 -0800 (PST)

Dear All,

Can anyone tell me the penalties (if any) of not turning the exposure
mode switch on the R8 to the 'off' position, when not using the camera?
My guess is none, provided that the shutter release button isn't
touched - it seems to remain inert until activated. My reason for
asking is that I prefer to leave the camera ready to fire at any time,
e.g. when I'm travelling in the car. Having to remember to switch it on
each time I want to use it is a nuisance and can cause me to lose shots
if I forget.



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