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Subject: [Leica] Re: Re: Jobo Processors OT
From: Jim Brick <>
Date: Thu, 15 Mar 2001 08:43:14 -0800
References: <>

At 03:13 AM 3/15/01 -0500, Steve Beyer wrote:
>Hi Jim,
>     Thanks for the info on the 2500, I am not sure I can swing that much at
>this time but I will give it some thought.  I am more interested in the film
>aspect but I can definitely see your point.  What enlarger are you using and
>what other suggestions would you give someone for setting up a darkroom.

I have a ZBE Sentenette enlarger (a DeVere design) with a ZBE Starlite 55
color closed loop color head.
An enlarger is pretty much a personal choice. As long as it is rigid and
stays aligned over the long haul. Many schools use Saunders LPL enlargers.
If you are doing only 35mm a V35 is a great choice.

If you plan on processing color film or paper, the one thing I would not go
without is a Hass D250 temperature controller. It is the best single item,
stress reliever, in my darkroom. No constantly watching a thermometer and
tweaking a mixing valve. Just set it and forget it! And it costs the same
as a conventional watch and tweak water panel. Actually cheaper than the
JOBO panel. And lightyears better.

Build a sink out of 5/8 plywood, Glue and screw it together. Coat it with
several coats of marine epoxy resin. My sink like this is 20 years old and
is still going strong. This way, you can shape your sink to your needs.

Either build a drying cabinet with filtered air or buy one like the JOBO
Mistral. Nothing worse than trying to print film that has imbedded dust and
dirt in the emulsion. It is really difficult to remove. If you build the
right size cabinet, it will double as an RC print dryer.

A good print washer is worth it's weight in... I have a 20x24 Dunwright &
Vogel Pro washer. I like it because I can wash all size prints in the same
washer at the same time. 20x24 to 4x5. And not lose the 4x5's in the
bottom. It will also wash sheet and roll film. It sits outside, of and next
to, the sink.

My darkroom is my sanctuary. I leave the Silicon Valley hi-tech hi-stress
computer imaging world and step into a peaceful quiet world of processing
film and creating photographic prints. The thought and disciplines involved
keep your mind focused. You cannot be sloppy in film development. There are
no second chances. You cannot simply push delete and start over. It is
always exciting to take the film out of the final wash and hold it up to
the light and get a first glimpse of your latest hopeful masterpieces.
Likewise taking a Cibachrome out of the drum when finished. Especially big
prints. It's even better when your wife says WOW!!! That's gorgeous!
Sometimes your masterpiece dream comes true.


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