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Subject: Re: [Leica] Leica Releathering
From: John Collier <>
Date: Wed, 14 Mar 2001 13:37:36 -0700

Leica will replace your original covering material with the M6 type of
covering. You did not mention which camera you have so it is hard to be
specific. Some of the early Leicas came with a animal leather covering but
it proved to be problematic as the lens flange was placed on the leather
and, as the leather dried out and compacted, the lens would be too close to
the film plane. Later cameras do not have the lens flange on top of the body
covering so you could apply any material you choose. Most Leicas came with a
"vulcanite" body covering which is not serviceable as it has to be applied
to the body shell using heat*. There are some NOS body shells are around but
they are very expensive so the M6 style of covering is the least expensive
and most durable way to go. Some special edition cameras also were supplied
with various animal skin coverings so it all comes down to what you have and
what you want to spend. I had my M2 recovered with the M6 style material for
$80US including shipping. I could have used a NOS body shell with the parts
alone around $400US and with labour on top of that.

Repair resources can be found at:   (and click on "repair")

John Collier

*You can patch it with black silicone, vinyl repair material or whatever
comes to hand; sometimes even successfully.

> From: "Altaf Shaikh" <>
> Anyone know a repair person that completely releathers a leica ?
> Altaf Shaikh

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