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Subject: Re: [Leica] New items
From: Mark Rabiner <>
Date: Tue, 13 Mar 2001 14:50:03 -0800
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John Collier wrote:
> No need to pull your punches BD, I agree. However, I am not interested in
> procuring and maintaining a whole other system so I can use a motor
> occasionally. It works just fine, it is definitely not as good any twenty
> year old camera or as good as a few thirty year old cameras. The darn thing
> was designed fifty years ago though. Leica eventually is going to have to
> put an electronic control of some sort in and maybe.....oh heck....really
> who knows what Leica is thinking. I love my viewfinder and I love my lenses.
> I can take a few lumps in a gravy this flavourful.
> John Collier
I think that if i wanted to really expand my capabilities I'd build a film
running room right outside my darkroom.
Put a nice sized automated Jobo in there.
I'd then be able to do not just 35mm roll film.
But 4x5 sheet film.
C41 for color neg and XP2 and E6!
I've made color prints in a Dev Tec tube before so i know how workable that is.
And the Jobo of course is a ballgame better than that!
A color head for my D2 to interchange with My Aristo 4500 VC head?
Not an easy thing but there is room for only the smallest additional enlarger in
my darkroom if that.
I'd be tempted to at least crank out black and white contact sheets with the Jobo.
Is there a color head which coverts to a contact printer?
Hell I'll switch to shooting 8x10!
Can you run 8x10 film in a jobo?

Mark Rabiner

Mark Rabiner 
Portland, Oregon

Scooter photo project @:

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