Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 2001/03/13

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Subject: Re: [Leica] My M5 replacement.
From: "Michael E. Bérubé" <>
Date: Tue, 13 Mar 2001 16:07:22 -0500

At 12:57 PM 3/13/01 -0500, Steve LeHuray wrote:
> > Please, someone tell me why anyone who would own one of these jewels would
> > do this:
> >
>Could it be time for a black paint 111c?

It could be in the future if this is at all cost effective in conjunction 
with getting a CLA.

> >
>I had two 111c's and that is not a stock item.

I didn't think so, but didn't know. It may be some form of synch as there 
is a hole in this plug that aligns with a mechanism inside that moves down 
when the shutter release is pushed down. I am curious to see if the hole 
will give me a light leak. Worse case scenario, I get another bottom plate.

>Is this the M5 replacement?

Well, the Bessa R and its lenses will be the "official: M5 replacement, but 
I did still want to take part in FOM2 (which I need a Leica for) so when 
the first friendly LUGger who wanted the M5 offered this body in partial 
payment, I took the option. I still need a 35, but I am pretty sure that 
I'm going to get a Voitlander color-skopar classic. (and maybe a 35 
Summaron for this body?) Someday, I'll likely pick up a classic Leica 50 
LTM for it. I have only the excellent Jupiter 3 that I got from Stanislaw 
for a 50 lens at the moment. While the J3 is a great little lens, this 
Leica looks sad being so multi-national. I think that after being so abused 
by some previous owner (not the LUGger I got it from of course) it deserves 
to be re-united with a nice collapsible Elmar, Summitar or Summarit or 
something. I'm thinking that it will make a great small body for the 25/4 also.

Thanks for all the feedback folks.

Carpe Luminem,
Michael E. Bérubé