Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 2001/03/13

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Subject: Re: [Leica] Jobos & XTol
From: henry <>
Date: Tue, 13 Mar 2001 12:38:22 -0600

I have a CPE2. I'm not in love with it. Its construction is a little 
Its not bad - its just not wonderful.
If you are only processing conventional black & white film, why bother?
I use mine for C41. Its a bit of a pain to set it up each time. If you 
can leave it set up its less of a pain.

If you need constant agitation and critical temperature control its a 
good, inexpensive way to get it. Look at ebay - there are usually several 
CPE2s up for sale at about half of a new machine.

When I do B&W I do it by hand. I can be done before I could get the Jobo 
Get some tanks, reels and some measuring containers. 
Skip the Jobo unless you need its features.


>I'm currently without a darkroom and having a hard time finding a decent lab
>within shouting distance. I have, however, noticed all the hooting &
>hollering about "Jobo and XTol" on the LUG and would like to hear specifics.
>I've checked the Jobo site (, and found
>a slew of drum processors: does anyone have a preference (just a little
>light LUG humor, there)? Seriously, though, can anyone make a spectacular
>argument against the CPE2Plus as a unit? It's the most affordable of the
>bunch for doing loads of film (vs. the DuoLab), but if it's a troublesome
>unit in some way, it would be nice to hear feedback.
>I'm also remembering something about the 1L vs the 5L packages of XTol; is
>there a difference? Seems the wrapper is not the only difference, and I've
>seen a few odd references to that here on the LUG: are they different
>formulas giving different results? Everyone seems to prefer the 5L, and I
>know my own batch from a 1L package was a capital-D Disaster, but if good
>results can be had (hence the LUG hooting), I'd give it another go.
>Thanks for your help again, and thanks to the LUGnuts who contacted me off
>list on my earlier post.