Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 2001/03/10

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From: Peter Klein <>
Date: Sat, 10 Mar 2001 17:30:57 -0800

Here's my entry into the fray:

(cue appropriate 1940s-style Film Noir music, cue )

It's often foggy in the City by the Bay.  You know, the kind of fog that 
creeps around everything, and makes it all seem soft and mushy, like an 
overripe melon.  But not since *she* walked into my life.

She's a classy dame, this one.  High maintenance, expensive tastes, but 
worth it.  With a set of curves that could drive any guy wild.  But it's 
that gaze of hers that really makes her something special.  She's seen it 
all.  Nothing escapes her.  She can look into the darkest corner of this 
sorry world, and tell you all about it in exquisite detail, no flinching.

And she's tough.  You can shine a light right in her face and grill her, 
and she won't break down.   She takes life like some people take their 
scotch and their smokes: straight, no filter.  And through it all, she 
always looks great.

Some call her cold and unforgiving, but they don't know her like I 
do.  Nights with her are beautiful and easy.  Stroke her, turn her around, 
and she purrs like a kitten, smooth as silk.  Always ready to give, though 
she knows there are a thousand more who want her as bad as I do.  But they 
can't have her, because with this dish, once she's yours, she's yours for life.

Summilux 35 Aspheric...The Naked Lens.

- --Peter Klein (with apologies to Dashiel Hammet)
Seattle, Washington

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