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Subject: [Leica] More than you ever wanted to know about Cibachrome!
From: Jim Brick <>
Date: Tue, 06 Mar 2001 15:06:52 -0800
References: <9DC5E2ABE65BD54CA9088DA3194461D60253469C@BBY1EXM01>

There are several types of Ilfochrome print material. Two kinds of
Ilfochrome Classic and Ilfochrome Rapid. Ilfochrome Classic is the stuff
most custom labs and darkroom folks use. It is processed in P3 or P30
chemicals. I use P3. Ilfochrome Rapid is for big production houses and uses
P4 chemistry. It is not for small lab use.

The two types of Classic are "Classic" and "Classic Deluxe." Classic is a
resin coated (RC) base and is the "cheap" stuff. It comes in Glossy and
Pearl and is designated "CPM.1M & CPM.44M."

Classic Deluxe comes in three grades, normal contrast, medium contrast, and
low contrast. It is a white opaque polyester base material and is
designated "Super Glossy". It is the expensive stuff. The emulsions are
actually different between the three grades. ONLY the "normal contrast"
(designated CPS.1K) is guaranteed for 200 years minimum. Everything else
simply says "extremely fade resistant."

Polyester Classic Deluxe normal contrast and low contrast come in all cut
sizes up to 30x40 and long rolls up to 50"x96'.

Polyester Classic Deluxe medium contrast comes only in cut sheets up to 16x20.

RC Classic (CPM) comes in cut sheets up to 20x24 and long rolls up to
50"x96', either glossy or pearl.

There is a Laser version of RC Classic, for LightJet printers, that comes
in a 50"x96' roll.

As a comparison, a 100 sheet box of RC Classic (CPM) "list" price is $98.67
and a 100 sheet box of Polyester Classic Deluxe Normal Contrast is $241.00.



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