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Subject: Re: [Leica] funky cheap new FUN glass from Nikon OT
From: "Ken Iisaka" <>
Date: Mon, 5 Mar 2001 22:21:24 -0800
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I have a set of these, purchased when they were first introduced about 5
years ago.

Though simple, with plain anodised aluminium barrel, plastic mount, and no
aperture diaphragms, these are actually pretty good performers.  All of the
elements are actually coated, too.

The 3e/3g "fisheye" 20mm/8 produces an image that covers about 160 degrees
diagonal, and is quite free of flare, due to its simple construction.
Preset at 2m or so, everything from one meter to infinity is in focus.

The 120/4.5 macro is surprisingly capable, although it's not possible to
step down for additional depth of field.  The instruction recommends that
you make a disc with a hole, like old lenses.

The rear most element of 120/4.5 macro can be removed, then the front group
inverted to form a 2e/1g 90/4.8 soft focus achromatic lens that is probably
comparable to the performance of Thambar, at less than 1/100 the cost.

The real star is the 400/8, which comes apart into two sections, and the
4e/2g configuration in the traditional telephoto configuration, is a capable
performer.  I have taken some pictures of wildlife with it, and placed one
of them at:

Please excuse the poor scanning quality, however.  The film used was
Fujichrome Astia, and the exposure was something like 1 second at 1:8.

No, WAY FAR AWAY from Doug's pictures, but I figure this lens cost me $50.

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From: "Mark Rabiner" <>
To: <>
Sent: Monday, March 05, 2001 2:28 AM
Subject: [Leica] funky cheap new FUN glass from Nikon OT

> Nikon has come out with a new line of lense which are virtually toys.
> They have no aperture function.
> A compact 400 f8 (girl watcher lens!)
> a 120 soft macro??? (fuzzy bumblebees!)
> a 20 mm f8 FISHEYE (your mother in law is coming!)
> sounds like they hired the head engineer from Spirotone!!!
> Mark Rabiner
> Portland, Oregon
> a new concept in trash shooting
> I should lighten up should i and shoot with some plastic glass!!!
> does this turn my Nikon into a Holga!!!!?
> :)

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