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Subject: Re: [Leica] (Leica)FS:35-70 f2.8 R
From: "Ken Iisaka" <>
Date: Sat, 3 Mar 2001 09:38:12 -0800
References: <>

> on 3/3/01 9:28 pm, ray tai at wrote:
> > The seller is "Macklam" from Montreal.  So he put it up on ebay the same
> > for a quick profit.  I wonder if he even has the lens since there are no
> > pics.  So in the end another LUG'er made out.
> Hello Ray,
> Yes, I do know "Macklam", I have done business with him in the past.  He
> a fellow LUGger.

D--n...  This incidence too leaves me a bad taste in my mouth.  It's true
that we are really just a collection of enthusiasts who like Leica gear, and
we really have no obligation whatsoever to each other.  However, having been
a member for 3 years, and having met a couple of dozens of LUGgers over
time, I do feel that I want to treat members as my friends.

I am also a member of other special-interest mailing lists, from tandem
cycling to Aleksandr Skryabin.  These mailing lists allowed me to meet those
who share the same interest as I do, and I have met some of my best friends
through these channels.  These are friends I would not have met otherwise,
and really enriched my life by being able to share my peculiar interests.

I have financially benefitted from participating in these mailing lists.  I
have been offered competitive prices for goods that I wanted, and respected
that the seller wanted to pass them onto someone who would appreciate them.
There have been times that I ended up not liking the stuff, so I have then
offered them for sale at a later date.  When the things were bought from a
fellow mailing list member, I always offer it back to members of the list.
When there was no taker, I sell them through other channels, including eBay.
There were times I made substantial profit, while I've taken small losses

I've found this incidence of buying something from a member, then putting it
on a public auction immediately to be in bad taste.  The spirit of this
mailing list always has been that we all have something to share so that we
can "help" those who need a little push, or be awed by the experience of
some of the most established photographers around.  I thank members like
Jim, Tina, Ted, Sal, Doug and Kyle for making photography so interesting.  I
thank members like Marc, Joseph, Tom and Erwin for making Leica gear so
interesting.  There is no way that I contributed more to the community that
I received, but I was really, really disappointed to see someone taking
advantage of another in such a public manner.  Something good was spoiled.

In this free market, the price of goods is only as high as someone is
willing to pay for it.  "Macklem" discovered a price discrepency between two
markets: LUG and eBay.  While it is natural for traders to take action when
there is an arbitrage opportunity, but I think it should stay out of here.

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