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Subject: [Leica] RE: Xtol
From: Jim Brick <>
Date: Thu, 22 Feb 2001 18:58:09 -0800
References: <>

This is not rocket science. Anyone who has spent even a small amount of
time in one's darkroom using one's own equipment and reading the available
datasheets can figure out how this works. One must simply decide to do it.
Buy a brick of whatever film, start making tests. It won't take many rolls
to zero-in on the proper formula.

The most complicated statement is "100ml per 135/36 or 120 roll of film."

Using this, one never has to worry about developer depletion by using too
many or too few rolls. If you know how much solution your tank holds during
processing, simple arithmetic will tell you how many rolls you can process.
No degree required.

Simple experimentation will tell you how to violate this Kodak rule. And
what the parameters of the violation are. Mark has done this for himself.
Everyone else has to do it for themselves.




>> At 08:45 PM 2/22/01 -0500, Jim Brick wrote:
>> If you have a 1000ml tank which holds four rolls of 35mm film. Mix Xtol
>> 1:3. In 1000ml of 1:3 Xtol, you have 250ml of raw developer. This will
>> properly develop 2.5 rolls of film. I put three rolls in plus an empty
>> reel. In a 500ml tank, I put in one roll and an empty reel. In an eight
>> roll tank (2000ml) I put in six rolls plus two empty reels. This
>> is fudging a little bit.

>This is an excellent discussion...  My Jobo (model 1500) 2523 tank (two 135,
>or two 120 or 1 220) uses only 330ml of chemical per process step, ...but a
>quick experiment, shows this tank (with two reels and a core) will actually
>hold 450ml during the process.  Also, since it empties the entire chemicals
>bottle when pumping chemicals in (it doesn't know how much is in the
>bottle)...I can put 400ml in the bottle, instead of just 330...and can
>process two reels 1:1 and meet the 100ml of developer per reel.
>The large 2553 tank (5 135, 6 120, 3 220) easily holds 1000ml, but the
>chemical bottle only holds barely 800 maxed it looks like I need to
>use the empty reel trick to use the large tank with Xtol 1:1, which will
>allow me to process 4 135 rolls.
>I do have (what I believe is) the older Kodak Xtol PDF data sheet (dated
>April 2000) that has the 1:2 and 1:3 times in it.  If anyone would like a
>copy of it, please email me off-list, and I am more than happy to send it to

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