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Subject: Re: [Leica] Unfortunate accident removes red dot! Devastated in Victoria! :-(
From: "kididdoc" <>
Date: Fri, 9 Feb 2001 21:12:04 -0700
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Sure ...right....  we know you too well already.  Steve
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From: "Ted Grant" <>
To: "LUG" <>
Sent: Friday, February 09, 2001 8:45 PM
Subject: [Leica] Unfortunate accident removes red dot! Devastated in
Victoria! :-(

> Ladies and Gentlemen,
> I had an unfortunate accident of sorts today while shooting my way through
> several hospital care units and ORs. This concerns my Noctilux which is
> causing me great mental strain with several questions as what to do?
> As many of you know the Noctilux is my lens of choice and has been by my
> side night and day for many years, so you can understand my heart felt
> sorrow.
> And as I know many of you are so good with your kind advice, I thought
> to ask for your considered opinions,  "what should I do with my Noctilux
> will this situation effect the lens?"
> I'm grief stricken over the red dot loss! :-(
> Sometime during the day, the little "red dot" attached to the lens
> indicating where the lens should be inserted into the body has gone
> And although I have inserted it into the body on many occasions and can
> the right insertion location in available darkness, "Will this hurt the
> lens?"
> Should I have concern using this lens or should it be returned immediately
> to Solms for repair of the red dot?  I have several concerns regarding
> travesty to my dearly beloved Noctilux, which, without question, I know
> fine Leica using ladies and gentlemen will show sympathy and give me
> guidance for it's full recovery.
> Will this missing red dot from the lens barrel create possible "lens
> distortion?"
> Will the depth of field, commonly known as DOF, be affected in any manner?
> More or less, thicker or thinner? Shorter or longer?  And which ever the
> case maybe or none at all?
> Is there a possibility this could cause exposure change due to possible
> light leaking in somehow where the little red dot was?  It doesn't appear
> possible, however?
> I have great concerns over this matter and as I know many of you are very
> busy in your picture endeavors for the PAW, PAD's etc, I would appreciate
> any advice you may wish to pass on in regard to this Leica red dot
> photographer,  as my Noctilux has been a companion of which I have on
> occasion kept snuggled at my side during the deepest of a dark night!  I
> mean deepest of dark nights! And for nearly 30 years I've felt the
> smoothness of her curves and the comfort of her exposures by available
> darkness and I do wish to keep her in the best of shape for another 3o
> years. Or I die, whichever comes first.
> All comments will be kindly appreciated.
> heart broken and devastated in Victoria, please help me find my little red
> dot! :-(
> ted
> Ted Grant Photography Limited

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